At 15 years old, I was a college student
At 19, my sister was 15, our parents passed away
At 21, I graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in Nursing then after a year I went straight to Med School to pursue what I thought was my dream – I quit and left Med school after a semester.
At 23, I realized I really didn’t want to be a nurse, I felt more lost than ever, my anxiety reaching it’s peak and depression & negativity almost taking over every part of my life.

Now, at 24 turning 25 next month, I gave in to my love of writing and decided to start this blog and at first all I wanted to share was my travel experiences with my sister, We’ve been blessed to have parents that were wanderers themselves and have started taking us on trips ever since we were young.

They have inspired us to travel and venture out our comfort zones for the love of culture and food! And so I thought I’d share our travels with you and all the amazing places we’ve seen to serve as an inspiration to you and to encourage people to go out on seek for adventures. Where do you think the magic happens? ❤

And after going through some of the toughest years and battling with anxiety and depression I have just started my journey to self-awareness, self-care and self love and so I told myself, why not also write about the things that make me accept myself, make me care for myself and make me love myself.

These past year I have relied on loved ones, yoga, meditation, loving thoughts, music and most recently a Spiritual Energy Healing Retreat in Cambodia – to completely redesign my life into making it more positive, creative and loving inside and out.

I’m currently living with my sister and our 3 furry babies. ❤ On weekdays, I’m busy working on and studying about International Women’s rights and on weekends and on most of my free time I like to daydream about my next escape(adventure) and a peaceful and loving world. ❤ A girl can only dream…

Light and Love,