Uluwatu — For The Hip & Laid Back Beach Bums

My sister and I found cheap tickets to Bali and without hesitation we booked the flights and waited for September to come around. Ha. not that easy – we like to plan our trips by ourselves, we like the freedom of being able to choose where to stay, what to do and basically just chill and have our time in our hands-

“Bali is an Indonesian island known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs.”

So then it was the “pre-game” – deciding which place in Bali to stay and what hotel, villa or room to book. It was a tough one because we only had a week in Bali and there are so many amazing places to see and things to experience. But, one must ultimately decide and for an indecisive lady like me, these moments are a challenge. (haha)

I, after months of indecisiveness, finally decided on three places. These were my picks: Uluwatu, Ubud and Seminyak. Three very different places from each other, each having their own unique and special something they could offer.

So now I introduce to you the first place we decided to experience – Uluwatu:

Uluwatu is located on the south-western tip of the Bukit Peninsula of Bali, Indonesia that is known for it’s dramatic cliffs and superb beaches.

I googled photos of the beaches located in Uluwatu and also saw photos of the breathtaking sunset – I knew I had to witness it.

For the place to sleep in, I chose Sal Secret Spot, I loved their rooms and how intimate the place looked. I’m all for big resorts but in Uluwatu, I wanted a place that would match the vibe of this side of Bali – pretty chill and laid back.

A 10-minute walk from sandy Bingin Beach – Bingin Beach is just around the corner of Sal Secret Spot but you’d have to climb down the stairs to get to the beach. 🙂

It’s a shabby-chic hotel with a tropical vibe perfect for the island babies who love lazy days on the beach.

The hotel is 45 minutes to an hour drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport (depending on the traffic) – I booked an airport transfer to the hotel online before we travelled to Bali. (Will put it at the end of the blog)

Okay so back to Sal Secret Spot, they have minimalist whitewashed rooms, most with flat-screen TVs, Wi-Fi access and a cool bathroom; some have sea views, some have beautiful balconies where you can watch the sunset.

Breakfast comes with the room. They have an airy restaurant that serves great food and  which means of course that they an AMAZING breakfast menu – what you must order is their fruit pancake (the BEST fruit pancake I’ve ever had). Other amenities would be: an outdoor saltwater pool with a sundeck, a lush garden that can serve as a perfect instagram photo backdrop and a gazebo. Massages and surfboard rentals are also available with fees.


My sister had a short morning yoga session before we head to Bingin beach.

At the start of your walk to the beach, you will be directed by signs which will lead you down some narrow alley ways that might get you questioning if you are at the right place… but fret not, you are on the right track and the alley ways will soon open up to incredible ocean views.


After a 5-10 minute walk down a few narrow alley ways we were rewarded by an unmatched view of the Indian Ocean; the sea turquoise blue and clouds of wizard-white drifted past in a sky so blue.

The last part of our walk to Bingin Beach took us down a flight of stairs. Bingin is a stunning beach with great waves that make it one of the most demanded surfing spots by surfers in Bali and the world.

Bingin Beach is located in the South of Bali, in the Pecatu Village. Only a 10 minutes walk from Sal Secret SPot and only 45 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport, it is also a 15 minute drive to Uluwatu Temple, one of the must see tourist destinations in Bali, located in the one of Uluwatu’s dramatic cliffs.

Bingin is also situated close to the other famous beaches and surfing points such as Padang-Padang, Impossible and Dreamland.


After some tanning and swimming, I’m pretty sure your stomach will growl so may I suggest that you grab lunch at Lucky Fish and Bale-Bingin grilled seafood.

They have fresh seafood beside the grilling area, you would just choose what you want and they will grill it for you. They serve it with rice, vegetables and a really great sauce. We ordered Mahi-Mahi…. and it was the best lunch I’ve had in Bali.

The ever famous and beautiful Uluwatu Sunset; we were able to watch it at our private balcony that comes with our room in Sal Secret Spot.


Sal Secret Spot
Address: Jl Pantai Bingin, Sal Bungalows
Email: sal.bungalows@outlook.com
Phone: +62 (0) 8123 8942 686

If you want a hassle free arrival meaning you pass through immigrations, pick up your luggage at the carousel and then just meet with your driver at the exit… then I advise that you book your car ride going to the hotel days before your arrival in Bali.

Pros of getting a private driver/car:

  • Private driver/car are generally slightly more expensive than the ordinary airport taxi rates. BUT… in Bali taxis are somewhat known to overcharge the foreigners so – the private car ends up having about the same price as the ordinary airport taxi.
  • Private cars will usually have a more spacious car than the small sedan “ordinary” taxis.
  • Private drivers will offer you a fixed rate – So you don’t have to stress or get pissed while negotiating with a Bali airport taxi that overcharges you.

I booked ours here. 🙂


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