Chapung Se Bali, A Divine Luxury Resort and Spa In The Midst Of Ubud’s Forest

When you type in Ubud in google images, you will get thousands of photos with luscious green surroundings; photos of rice terraces, forests, infinity pools and the unique villas designed intricately with Balinese interiors.

And if you type in Ubud in tripadvisor or AirBnB to go search for hotels or villas to stay in, you’d get quite a few results – your mind most likely to be overwhelmed, your eyes will feast on villas you have never seen before. And my question for you would be – how will you ever be able to decide on which one to stay in?

On my spare time, I like to browse through AirBnB or tripadvisor and marvel at the most beautiful resorts, hotel rooms and villas – I love to daydream about spending my days there – reading a book while having my morning tea on a nice balcony with an even nicer view or having fresh fruits by the pool while the afternoon sunlight grazes my skin. And last September, as I was doing my usual browsing and daydreaming, I chanced upon this divine luxury resort and spa in Ubud- Chapung Se Bali. And as it just happens, it was my lucky day as I was actually searching for something I can book for the upcoming getaway trip with my sister. I booked and counted the days till I was in Bali.

Ubud in itself is quite majestic; the energy that flows through the forests, through the whole place will definitely sweep you off your feet. It’s no wonder there are so many creative pursuits happening there… an abundance of creative and positive energy is flowing throughout the entire place. And then add an amazing resort into the whole scene… you’d think you found paradise.

And so here I am, sharing the energy I picked up from Chapung Se Bali Resort and Spa with you and also while I’m at it, I’ll be sharing some amazing photos I was able to take along with how we spent our days while in this breathtaking oasis.


Arrived in our hotel after a 2 hour drive from Uluwatu, once our luggages were out the car and we were seated in front the reception desk the staff gave us towelettes to wipe our hands on and served our welcome drinks – they made checking-in a breeze for their .


After quite some time of oohs and ahhs when we got inside the room; we absolutely loved every corner of our private pool villa. The skies were cloudy and the air a bit cool – my sister and I decided to just stay in and have tea in the balcony – If you had a view like this… would you ever leave?


Waking up to a slow morning in Ubud surrounded by all the trees and immediately feeling recharged. We made two hot cups of yourtea-skin tea and then proceeded to dip our feet in our private pool.



With the cool breeze around us while we sip our tea and our feet dipped in the pool, we felt our stomachs growl – waiting to be fed, our minds filled with images of eggs and  warm bread and so we finally gathered our energy to stand and break the fast.

As we walked to where they serve the breakfast buffet we passed by butterflies in one of the most beautiful garden grounds we’ve ever laid eyes on.


Breakfast buffet selection was not that many although muesli, granola, and croissant were present BUT… they had a menu that they give you once you are seated on your chosen table – And I can assure you that their breakfast menu does not disappoint; I had avocados and egg on toast and my sister had a platter of fresh fruits.



View from breakfast. ❤


With a full and very happy stomach, my sister and I proceeded to check their pool and entertainment hall where a billiard table was right in the middle of the room. The interior of the place was just… a dream plus you have a killer view while playing.



After a few rounds of billiards, we put on our bikinis and went straight to the pool area.


Let me tell you about Jungle Fish, a place located just ten minutes north of Ubud where you can experience swimming amidst the lush jungle that makes up the beautiful landscape of the Ubud area. It’s an open-air split-level restaurant and pool bar sitting pretty on the side of a ridge overlooking the Osh River Valley. It is part of the Chapung Se Bali Resort & Spa, a luxury Resort well known for its airy, designer, private pool Villas.

Here is a list of the things you can experience there:

  • A “no beach… beach club” the chillest place with no sand. Its a perfect spot to just relax, unwind and recharge with your loved ones.
  • Chapung Spa, located next to the pool, where you can indulge in a complete therapy with Balinese massage, facial treatments, pedicures and much more…
  • The Jungle Fish restaurant where you can have the breakfast and lunch of your tastebuds dreams while you gaze at a stunning view of the pool and the green valley.
  • They have spacious Villas with a private pool as well as Suites with a plunge pool and valley view.
  • Di Abing, our fine-dining restaurant where you can treat your tastebuds to a unique fusion cuisine of Asian and Mediterranean flavors.

P.S. If you’re just grabbing a bite in one of the restaurants but not a hotel guest you are allowed to enjoy a swim in the pool. So bring your swimming stuff and try to go early because they have a cap on the amount of people allowed in the pool at one time/



How I spent my Birthday:

Had wine and dessert with my sister while my body was covered in Frank body coffee scrub and my sister having a hot bubble bath and then after our relaxing session… we watched a movie before we slept.

The next day was spent checking out the hotel and capturing a few last shots of ourselves in this beautiful backdrop before we left and spending a 2 hour drive with scenic views of Ubud’s lush jungle.

IMG_0777Chapung Se Bali Resort and Spa

Address :
Jl. Raya Sebali – 80561 Keliki, Ubud, Bali

Email :
For pool and restaurants :
For accommodations :
For events and groups :
Hotel phone number :
+62 361 8989 102

Restaurants phone number :
+62 361 8989 104

Fax number :
+62 361 8989 124

Lastly, the hotel offers an hourly shuttle service to and from the Ubud Centre 🙂 So no need to worry about taxi fees if you’re heading to chops and cafe’s.


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