Home Tattoo Session with Anna Kosarewska in Manila

My first ever post on my website was about Rockink Tattoo shop in Taipei where we had the most beautiful tattoos done by some of the most amazing artists we’ve met. We became good friends with them and one of them was Anna; I mentioned her in my latest article about Solo Female Travellers.

Anna and I kept in touch through facebook as she would check up on my tattoo and how it was healing. Then around June, she fb messaged me on messenger and told me she was travelling to Manila at the end of the month and that she’d have a free day or two for a tattoo session if my friends and I were ever game for it.

(The thing was, after our Taipei trip last April -my friends and I were already planning another trip to Taipei just to get more tattoos (and eat more food, obviously) so, we were already looking for cheap tickets on the internet. & to have Anna come here, saved our savings and it also meant we’d have more budget for new tattoos!) So, in short- Of course, my friends and I were all game for new tattoos.

First Day (Saturday) : 4pm-4am tattoo session

Processed with VSCO with v6 preset


Second day (Sunday) : 3pm-3am tattoo session

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

(While getting my tattoo done; we were fighting fight club.)

By the Third day – Anna, still did Renzo’s tattoo before her flight back to Taipei that same night.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset


In between her tattoo sessions we talked about her stories over brunch, merienda and dinner. Oh and we also did some tarot card reading – which was on point with her journey.

We got to talk about: how she started, what made her become interested in tattooing, in Asia, how much she’s loving to be living in Asia and in Taipei specifically with her long-time partner, how she met the love of her life, her world adventures and just how much she wants to be better at her skill everyday.

It was an amazing experience that was made possible because of new found friends from our recent travel in Taipei. Isn’t the world so wonderful? To be able to meet new people in new places, learn from them and grow through your experience together… And what’s even more wonderful is that I get to experience all this with my sister and our friends right in our living room.

Anna’s an amazing artist and an even more amazing lady. If you ever want to get a tattoo when you’re in Taipei, or if ever you’re looking for a great artist, then look no further.

Follow her on instagram to see her work & just DM her for inquiries: lucky____unicorn

More about great tattoos and amazing artists here:

Tattoo Experience at Rockink tattoo shop in Taipei



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