11 Questions on Travelling Solo answered by Solo Female Travellers #getinspired

Have you ever daydreamed of getting lost in the streets of Italy on your own? Wondering off to somewhere you’ve never been before by yourself with just your own thoughts and complete freedom… but just never had the courage to do so?

I have. Hence the blog’s name, chiwi “on the run”. I love daydreaming about new places… Somewhere far… I’ve made up scenarios in my head: Escaping to Paris and learning french, Escaping to Vietnam and eating unlimited Pho, or maybe to Nepal and volunteering for their Women’s empowerment organization, or to New Zealand and having endless adventures and meeting new people. But, I’m an introvert that has serious anxiety problems. ha.

Though, I have traveled solo twice in my life; I don’t always have the courage to do so…travelling solo can be daunting and intimidating at first but most of the time the fear we have created only comes from the mind.  My most recent solo travel to Cambodia was the best trip yet and one that changed the way I look at life, which leads me to believe that if you just trust in yourself and the universe, great things happen!

Another thing I love other than daydreaming of my escape to my everyday routine is listening to real life stories of people who have travelled. Listening to them talk about all their adventures and stories from the places they’ve been, the things they have learned, their growth and the lessons they bring back home with them.

In my recent travel, the universe has blessed me to cross paths with lovely ladies who have travelled solo without fear of the unknown. But don’t get me wrong, they experience getting anxious too, one of them even has a fear of being kidnapped but she didn’t let that stop her from travelling and seeing Asia on her own. Through their stories they have inspired me in so many ways without them even knowing it. Their company and tales have filled up my spirit with so much positive energy and I thought, I’d want to share these with you coz maybe they’d inspire you to roam this beautiful place that we live in; just like the way they’ve inspired me.

In Cambodia, I met Chantal, a twenty-something German girl who was currently studying spirituality at the Spiritual Energy Healing Retreat Center that I attended. We talked about everything under the sun; we talked about self-love, spirituality, our recent journeys – she got her first tattoo from a monk in Bangkok, our life before attending the energy healing retreat and we talked about traveling alone and I remembered she explained to me how she felt about traveling to a new place,

“When you’re back home you’re the person your family and friends know. You’ve always been the same person..  But when you travel to a new place… You can be whoever you want to be. You can choose whatever you want to be.”

I couldn’t have explained it any better! It was so liberating, isn’t it? She basically defined “freedom” and I loved it! Have you ever thought of it that way?

So, after all that intro I’ll let you hear what these amazing ladies have to say about travelling solo:


Bianca, 21

I met Bianca a year ago and we’ve been hanging out since then. We have tarot card reading nights with my sister every full moon and of course our weekly pizza party! She’s one of the feistiest woman I’ve ever known. She’s a feminist by heart and she’s vegan. She also has a blog dedicated to women empowerment; go check out her blog here beegeecee.com and follow her on instagram Instagram-beegeecee ❤

What country are you from?

How many countries have you visited by yourself?
Hong Kong and Taiwan

What made you decide to go travel the world on your own?

What is the first country you decided to travel to?
For my 18th birthday, instead of having a “Debut”, I flew to HongKong for two weeks by myself after the day I turned 18.

What’s the best thing about travelling solo?

I will answer this with a question: If you were somewhere where no one knew who you were, who would you be?

What has been some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced while travelling?
I can’t really think of some really big challenges just yet, since the places I’ve been to are pretty much safe. But if I would have to answer, it would be the language barriers. But really, it’s a big part of the fun.

What has been your best experience so far?
I just came from Taiwan for the second time and I must say my best experience is being adopted by a family that I met while hiking a mountain. They invited me to dinner, let me into their car, brought me to a night market, Mommy Grace (the mom of the family) made sure I ate everything a vegetarian could eat, and then they brought me to their friend’s house just for me to try on the Taiwanese women’s national costume. After that, they dropped me off the bus station to head back to Taipei. Mommy Grace did not only buy my bus ticket for Taipei, but she also waited for me for almost half an hour while her husband and son waited in the car. It was a very heartwarming and amazing experience.

Which country (that you have been to) is your favorite? And Why?
Taiwan, absolutely. Culture is everywhere. And going around the country and different provinces is easy and accessible, which are big points if you’re out seeking for nature like myself. Taiwanese people are the nicest people ever! I haven’t had one bad experience. And don’t get me started with their ridiculously delicious and dirt cheap street food!

Quick questions:

Favorite song at the moment? -ILSYB -LANY
Sunrise or Sunset? -Sunset, absolutely.
Mountains or beach? -I adore the mountains but my heart belongs to sun, sand, and saltwater.
Coffee or tea? -Does bubble tea count?

What lessons have you learned while travelling solo?
If there is one thing I learn about travelling solo, it’s learning about myself.

What has your travels and experience taught you?
It taught me that sometimes, you have to get lost to find yourself.

What advice would you give women who are considering travelling solo for the first time? Just do it. Be alert, be aware, be the smart girl that you are.

What tips for traveling and flying can you give to anyone reading this?
Take plenty of photos, but make sure you’re not looking at the world through the screen of your phone. Smile and talk to people. Be polite. You’ll never know who you might just meet, you will meet soul mates on the way. Trust your instinct, the divine female energy is within you, don’t ignore it. Take it all in, the sunrise, the sunset, the skyline. Breathe. Know you are lucky to be here. Forget your diet, eat eat eat. This world is so big, don’t spend it all in one place. You can do it.



Anna, 30

I met Anna in Taipei when we went searching for good tattoo artists in the city. She not only became my tattoo artist but also a very good friend. She just recently travelled to Manila and we were lucky to have had a private tattoo session with her at home. She’s an amazing lady who’s in love with life, asian countries and very much passionate about her work.

Check out her work on her instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/lucky____unicorn/

What country are you from?

Originally I’m from Ukraine. I’ve been living and creating for 10 years in Europe and now I’m living in Asia.

How many countries have you visited by yourself?

I’ve visited more than 20 countries. Almost all Europe, Scandinavia, USA, India, Nepal, Tibet, Japan, Taiwan ,Philippines, Middle Asia ,Russia ,UK, Eastern Europe, Emirates, Turkey, Balkans.

What made you decide to go travel the world on your own?
Basically my curiosity and my art career made me travel so much. I’m a performance artist and been travel a lot, showing my art on international festivals and biennial. Now I’m also a tattoo artist. I’m following the best Asian tattoo masters and learning traditional Asian tattoo skills. I hope to become good tattoo master and combine my art projects with elegant tattoo art.

What is the first country you decided to travel to?
It was Poland. I’ve been traveling with my boyfriend, secretly from my parents :)). It was very romantic travel just the two of us. Everything was very new and unknown. I was 16 and was super excited. And then I’ve traveled to Eastern Europe and discovered different world around me. It opened my mind and my heart to the new different cultures. I’ve started to discover the world.

What’s the best thing about travelling solo?
The best thing is the experience. The feeling of the total freedom, being on the road alone going openly to the unknown. Being open to the all world. Receive new experiences from everything. Even from every single small meeting on the bus stop or airport. Meeting new people, new culture is like looking into the mirror, looking inside of the inner self. Who we are? Where we came from? What is my origin? Where is my shape, my voice, my soul? Being openly face to face with the others will definitely change you forever. The endless experience of the differences will give the understanding of yourself.
What has been some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced while travelling?
I did long journey by hitchhiking, by land from Eastern Europe to India. I’ve crossed Russia Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Tibet, Nepal and came to India by land. I’ve crossed two deserts Taklamakan and Dacaidam and crossed Tianshan mountains and Tibetan plateau, visiting also Everest base camp. Without GPS and Google maps, without cellphone and Wi-Fi. This journey changed me forever. I was 19 young silly, selfish girl. I’ve come back as different person. This journey changed me strongly and deeply. The reason was the experience, and testing my limits. Definitely crazy. Definitely very difficult. But this experience gives me the roots in my new personality. I’ve seen real wild nature and wild people of Tibet, I’ve seen the treasures of the ancient culture in India and Nepal and I’ve seen the people. Real simple people, who teach me the simplest and the most important truth about life. Unforgettable journey which gives me strength and craziness same time. And now I’m in Asia again in my new journey.

What has been your best experience so far?
I can’t define the best experience but I can mention several situations which will be forever in my mind: 1. On the Tibetan plateau, walking on the ground toad without cars, in between the mountains I’ve met local family, which newer saw “white” people. Kids wanted to touch my green eyes and white skin. Old woman never saw photo camera and thought it will takes her life. And they didn’t know what is “home address”. They just pointed to the mountains around and says this is out our home. 2. Indian man, who appeared in the middle of nowhere on the road in India and invited me to his family house. I was considering about danger and risk. But his big family was so warm and kind. They were so pure but so easy to share everything what they have with another human being just because this is the basic rules for every human in this world: water, food, blankets, fire and song. 3. Chinese tattoo master, whose first speech to me was started from the words: “ be passion”,”keep modest and calm” and “keep going”. Just let it go, trust yourself, listen to the heart, be open to the world and keep going with passion and modesty. And you will reach happiness.

Which country is your favorite? And Why?
One of the most favorite country for me it is Taiwan, that’s why I’m living there. This is my small paradise. Super friendly people, amazing nature, great culture. I’m just living in my dream now.

Quick questions:

Favorite song at the moment? “Half the world away” by Aurora
Sunrise or Sunset? Sunset.
Mountains or beach? Philippines beaches
Coffee or tea? Green tea from Alishan Mountains

What lessons have you learned while travelling solo?
I’ve learned how to be strong, how to be independent, how to be open, how to be creative. It is a little bit like learning how to survive in any condition. Be always easy, happy and strong.

What has your travels and experience taught you?
I think throughout the traveling he I’ve got the most important understanding of myself. With all my good and bad sides . And the curiosity to travel more.

What advice would you give women who are considering travelling solo for the first time?

Fulfill your memory not your luggage.
Keep your shoes and thoughts clean and easy.
Walk slowly, sometimes magic is right by the corner.
Keep warm to the people, give more than you can take.
Start writing diary, you will be surprised by the incredible experience you can get over the years.


What tips could you give to all female travellers?
Be open, creative, enjoy and go with the flow.
Try to forget sometimes about maps and GPS just allow to yourself to get lost into the unknown surrounding, you will be super surprised. Always keep your luggage super easy, it will give you big mobility in any moment. Take care about your safety. Always trust to your intuition. Think good about strangers but always remember about danger. Feel free to talk with the everybody you’ll meet on the road. Be modest and respectful to the other’s culture. Stay alone with the nature. Close your eyes, imagine the road, open your heart, and keep going.


Judith, 33

I met Judith in the Spiritual Energy Healing Retreat we both attended in Cambodia. She lives in Switzerland and is crazy about asian food and travelling. She’s a vegetarian. She’s also an adventure lover kind of lady; she does yoga, water rafting and she’s learning how to speak greek in her spare time. She’s never not busy with life ❤

What country are you from?


How many countries have you visited by yourself?

If I counted correctly: 22 countries (13 in Europe and 9 outside)

What made you decide to go travel the world on your own?

When I was a teenager I was dreaming myself away to far away places. I got itchy feet and my curiosity grew. When I was 18 I went to Madrid/Spain for 10 months to work as an Au-Pair. From then on I was “infected”, I loved visiting new places on my own.

What is the first country you decided to travel to?

Apart from my Au-Pair in Spain, I was travelling in Ireland for one month.

What’s the best thing about travelling solo?

x to have a king-size just for yourself

x really just to decide for yourself what you are up to and do whatever you like

x obviously to meet many interesting people

What has been some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced while travelling?

Being robbed of all cards and papers in Ecuador and make it home somehow

What has been your best experience so far? Which country is your favorite? And Why?

Watching free humpback whales and spending some days in the Amazonas (Ecuador), climbing up Machu Picchu, watching penguins live (South Africa). Difficult to just name a few.

Quick questions:
Sunrise or Sunset? -Sunrise, (Definitely).
Mountains or beach? -Mountains 
Coffee or tea? -Tea

What lessons have you learned while travelling solo? What has your travels and experience taught you?
To always keep an open heart and mind. Don’t have prejudices. Don’t plan too much beforehand and just go with the flow. Enjoy every experience on your journey.

What advice would you give women who are considering travelling solo for the first time? What tips could you give to all female travellers?

Most people are afraid of travelling solo because they don’t know how easy it is to meet people. If it will be your first trip on your own, I would recommend to go to a touristy place where you will meet a lot of travellers. Thailand e.g. is a good destination to start with. Stay in a big city and do some day trips and excursions. Like this you will always meet other travellers.


Emma, 31

I also met Emma in the Spiritual Energy Healing Retreat in Cambodia. I’ve had the best time of my life because of Emma and Judith’s company at the retreat. She’s a laid back, english girl who has the best facial expressions. ha ha. She also happens to be a vegetarian. She’s a very straight forward type of person (no drama); I learned so much from her. A funny lady who is also a lover of dogs like me ❤

What country are you from?

I am from England. I live in a town in the north east of England called Middlesbrough.

How many countries have you visited by yourself?

I have visited Turkey Tenerife Thailand Malaysia borneo Indonesia Singapore and Cambodia and now India as a solo traveller.

What made you decide to go travel the world on your own?

I Travel on my own as no one I know could come or would like to do the same things.

What is the first country you decided to travel to?

My first country was Thailand. I chose Thailand because I read about it and it seemed to be a beautiful country with a vast mix of coast country city and culture.

I wanted to volunteer with wildlife and learn more about Buddhism I spent 3 months in Thailand. I would like to go back.

What’s the best thing about travelling solo?

Travelling solo means you can meet new people more easliy. You can choose where to go and what to do as you please. It’s nice to stay or leave somewhere when you feel like it and I think alone plans can be more flexible

What have been some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced while travelling?

My biggest challenge is a fear of being kidnapped.

What has been your best experience so far?

My best experience was in Cambodia at a spiritual healing retreat. I met lovely people and it changed my outlook on life and I feel now there is more of a purpose in life. I suppose another challenge I had was I got tired of travelling after 6 months. Everything became a bit meh. Cambodia changed this for me I am looking at things differently.

Which country is your favorite? And Why?

I really liked Indonesia. That’s a bit of a cheat though because it is like a lot of different countries. I really enjoyed borneo too. Both places are excellent to see wildlife and nature. the scuba diving around Mabul and Flores were extremely beautiful. The first place I visited in Thailand was the island of ko chang. From here I stayed a few days at a nearby island, ko kood. it is a lovely island with beautiful beaches and lots of waterfalls.

For Emma:You shared with me one time that you learned how to ride a motorbike while in Thailand, what is your favorite motorbike experience?

When I arrived a motorbike taxi picked me up but I realised pretty quickly this was the only way to get around the island. After a few rides I asked the friendly female driver to teach me how to use the bike. The roads were ideal, not much traffic and in Thailand they drive on the same side of the road as in the UK. After this I rented a scooter many times in many parts of Thailand, it is so much fun and you feel so free riding around looking at everything. My favourite motorbike experience though was in India. In rishikesh I was doing a yoga thing and a friend from the course hired a scooter. We went into the mountains and it was so beautiful, the scenery was like lord of the rings.

Quick questions:

Favorite song at the moment? Hmm favourite song I don’t know I will come back to that.
Sunrise or Sunset? Sunset.
Mountains or beach? Ohhhh mountains or beach I don’t know.
Coffee or tea? Coffee. But in India as I write this I’m drinking tea. Because I need a wee too much if I drink coffee.

What lessons have you learned while travelling solo?

Hmm lessons. Well not everyone is trying to kidnap you. Haha. I’ll come back to this.

What advice would you give women who are considering travelling solo for the first time?

Advice well. Book accommodation before you arrive somewhere. Especially if you arrive at night. If you can tell your transport where you plan to go he won’t take you to his mates hotel and get commission (I seen this most in India). Check on the internet for common scams in the places you plan to visit before you go. Use uber it is cheaper than taxis and feels safer.


— Travelling by yourself gives you the chance to get to know yourself, it gives you the freedom to choose whoever you want to be; the decisions and choices that you will make on your journey are yours alone and the person you have to rely on is you. So, it teaches you to trust in yourself, it teaches you to trust in your instinct and divine energy that is and always have been within you.

We live with our families from childhood to teenage years and sometime even till our young adulthood and we’re surrounded by friends most of the time – these and our environment influences our thoughts, decisions and how we react to things that sometimes it can get a bit hazy and you don’t really know if the decisions you make, the life that you decide on -was it all entirely your thoughts and ideas or was it influenced by your parents, your friends? Travelling solo gives us a chance to find out who we are, to tune in to our true authentic self.

You never come back as the same person when you left.

Travelling solo requires courage and curiosity. It’s also best to travel with an open mind and open heart so you could experience the world and how amazing it truly is. It makes you see how connected we all are and how you will always have a place in it.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and book that plane ticket! The world is yours. ❤

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    1. Thank you for sharing that and I agree so much:) It’s exactly how I felt while walking the streets by myself when I went on a solo trip. 🙂 It’s really a nice and refreshing experience to go through once in a while.

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