A Spotify Playlist that will make you dance and forget all the negativity

This photo was taken on my sister’s 21st bday and this playlist was playing that night. -So much good vibes!

Do you ever get terrible anxiety attacks?

I’m an empath and things can get quite overwhelming at times. It gets hard to differentiate if the emotions are mine or someone else’s and sometimes it takes awhile for me to distinguish which emotions are my own… so for the mean time that I feel the overflow of emotions, music definitely helps calm me down. It makes me forget the negativity and it just takes my mind & my body into this kind of high and my body sways involuntarily to the beat. It’s one of the best feelings on this planet.

My boyfriend made this playlist and I find that it helps calm my state, drowns out the negative feelings and reminds me how great it is to be alive and to be able to dance and move your hips anytime you want to, any way you want to. The artists that make music are a gift from the universe… I am grateful and of course to Kevin, for making this playlist.

So, I’m sharing this with you… I hope you enjoy every beat and I hope your mind & body is flooded with the positivity that these songs give out.

Spreading love and light to all of you beautiful people!


Playlist by Kevin Martin Chan ❤



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