A must Frenchie playlist ~

Olá Bonita

A French playlist that would take you to places.

Imagine yourself at the beach, basking in the afternoon sun, sipping that favorite cocktail of yours, and just breathing it all in. Nothing but time to waste. How truly thrilling it is it to just exist at that moment to watch the birds fly through that endless horizon, seeing the waves dramatically crashing one after another. It is a peace like nothing else.

Scenario #2: There’s a small gathering in a secret garden. It’s actually a reunion of your closest friends and the last time you saw each other was 4 years ago. A lot has changed but your friendship remained the same. . Or maybe you could say, it grew deeper. There are lovely refreshment drinks and a 5-course meal. This playlist comes on the background. Wouldn’t you say it’s a lovely way to be happy and alive?

Scenario #3: (Ok…

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