12 Essential Travel Apps for trips around Asia

In our time of modern technology and free apps, let’s make use of them in wise ways. Like for example, when travelling, why not save money by using free apps rather than paying for a travel agency to fix your trip? Go be independent and book yourself that ticket and hotel with the help of these apps that I use. 🙂

Also, with some of the apps that I’ve listed, it’ll help you with your anxiety if you’re ever scared of feeling lost in a country you’re not familiar with.

For Flights:

  • Skyscanner

To compare and see the flight prices of different airlines to your destination: download Skyscanner. It’s easy to use, and in my opinion, it shows you the best deals.  It consists of the flights that have the lowest price to the most expensive one and it also includes the stop over if there are any for the flight you choose. Once you click a certain flight it will direct you to the airline’s website.

On days where my imagination runs wild and I’m stuck day dreaming about places I want to go, I go on Skyscanner… to see if there are any cheap flights going to my dream destination. ❤


  • Air Asia

Sign up and be a member on their app and receive updates on ticket sales and promos.

They have flights from Manila to Kuala Lumpur that’s as low as $50 and flights to Sydney that would be as low as $250 when you catch their sales.


  • Cebu Pacific

If you’re from the Philippines and you want to save on tickets, go for Cebu Pacific. Download their app and sign up as a member to be receiving email updates on their ticket sales and promos. They have Manila-Sydney flights as low as $160, Manila to Boracay flights as low as $40 and Manila-Taipei flights for as low as $18.

Side note: Cebu Pacific flights are not listed on skyscanner


 For Accommodation:

  • Airbnb

This ones my favorite! It’s an online vacation rental platform for everyone. May it be a budget room you’re looking for or a big fancy mansion, they have it for you! This app connects users like you and me who are looking for a unique accommodation with individuals who intend to rent out their lovely homes.

Plus features! They now have Airbnb Experiences where they offer experiences that range from interesting, relaxing, fun or unique in certain destinations around the world.

Here are samples of the Airbnb Experiences:

“Secret of Sacred Tattoo”; a 3 hour Arts experience in Bangkok where you enter the world of sacred tattoo. This experience comes with 1 meal, 1 snack, drinks and transportation and it costs php1805 / $

And if you’re into cycling and you have an upcoming trip to Osaka, why not sign up for the “Osaka round trip cycling” experience; a 4hour experience to explore eat and local trip with bicycle around Osaka for the price of php 2028/ $

Also, through its online or mobile app, users could easily list their properties, discover or book unique vacation homes and accommodation from all over the world.

Airbnb appeals to budget-conscious travellers and those who would like to have a different and memorable experience in their country of visit. It is currently available in more than 34,000 cities across 191 countries worldwide and a significant presence in major cities across Asia.

One of my guilty pleasures is to spend hours of my free time on Airbnb, looking for homes and rooms to rent for my future trips in my dreams. Go ahead and try searching for beautiful homes in Bali, and if you’re like me, you’d probably be hopping on the next flight to Bali just so you could stay in one of the many wonderful villas listed on Airbnb!


  • TripAdvisor

If you’re searching for hotels and you want to an extensive list along with the prices from different websites/apps go for TripAdvisor. What’s helpful about it is that you will find honest reviews by travellers who stayed at the hotel.

Also, it’s not just for hotels, you will find restaurants, things to do and special lodging (bed and breakfast, houses for rent) in the app along with the customer’s reviews and opinions on almost everything travel related. They even have forums where you can as about the weather or the best time to visit the place and travellers like you answer to help you decide on a more informed decision.

Local versions of the website are available in China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.


  • Agoda

Agoda is my go-to app if I’m searching for hotels because in my experience, although agoda doesn’t have the lowest price once you see the list of prices on Tripadvisor, it’s because agoda’s price already includes the taxes and additional charges that other travel booking apps doesn’t show you at once. So what you see is what you get with Agoda. 🙂

Plus, they give you discount coupons every time you use their app.

Another tip: Always book from their app on the phone because prices are cheaper than from their website. 🙂 


  • Traveloka

I just recently learned about this from my sister. She told me she has used it for a couple of times because they seem to have lower prices than other apps and they always have great deals. Just a few days ago they emailed me about their 40% off promo on all hotels. 🙂


 For Directions:


  • Waze

It’s a turn by turn navigation app that has a network of users that share information about accidents,police officers, road closures, and more.

It also reroutes you whenever there’s a traffic jam or accident and it always leads you to through short cuts.

It is solely for navigation by car. Also, the traffic jam indicator counts down the time you’ll be in a jam.


  • Google Maps

Google Maps is like your old, trusty reliable traditional map. I have always relied on this when I go on my travels out of the country and it hasn’t failed me yet.

It has a variety of transportation options, and is packed with additional information about businesses, monuments, and everything else you’re used to seeing in a map app. What’s also great about this is that it integrates with Google Street View and you can see it even when you’re offline with their turn by turn navigation.

Navigation options for driving, biking, walking, and using public transportation and it offers a voice navigation options for driving, biking, and walking.

It provides you with business information for millions of places along with the rating and customer reviews. – this is where we found Rockink Tattoo shop in Taipei and it even displays business hours in searches and alerts you if you’ll arrive too late.

Tip: If you’re in a country where you don’t speak their language, just check google maps before leaving your hotel and take a screen shot of the place you’re going to so you could show your cab driver. But if you have a pocket wifi with you –  then you won’t have any problems in finding your way with this app. 🙂

For Transportation:

  • Grab

I’m from Manila and Taxi drivers from here usually rip you off. Especially if you’re coming from the airport; taxi rides going home would charge you off the roof. So… thank God for Grab. Grab is super easy to use and there’s no price hike even if you get stuck in traffic.

  • Uber

Uber is just like Grab, although they have a surcharge –  price hike when you get stuck in traffic. It’s great for the drivers but it’s a pain in the ass for the customers.

Money rate Converter:

  • XE currency


All these apps are for free 🙂


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